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More than 40 years of seafood market experience

Our team of seafood experts gives you visibility on various species, including salmonids and shrimp, but also pelagic, groundfish, or seabass & seabream.


Get insight into the latest trends in the world of pelagic species. Gain visibility on species for human consumption such as herring, mackerel, sardines and capelin by requesting consulting services or downloading your own copy of our reports.

Through our reports, you will also find out more about the production of fishmeal and fish oil in the main producing countries, market development and prices.

Each issue includes an introduction discussing recent trends in the pelagic industry as well as a «subject of the month» in each part of the report giving the reader a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the industry. The report also contains information regarding catches, landings and market development for all the most important supply nations and markets in the global pelagic industry.


Do you need to find our more about groundfish? Get in touch with us to learn more about our consulting offers or find our about our groundfish report.

The monthly groundfish report gives valuable insight into the groundfish species haddock, saithe, pollock and hake through extensive data presentation and comments. The report includes data concerning catches, quotas, ex-vessel prices and trade development with aligned commentaries.

Seabass & Seabream

All sea-bass and sea-bream insight are delivered by one of our dedicated analysts, providing insight into relevant industry events and trends.

From trade volumes and main supplying countries' average prices to wholesale and retail information and much more, Kontali provides key information enabling you to make better informed decisions.

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