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Shrimp intel at your fingertips

Discover Kontali Edge, the game-changing digital platform that offers unparalleled shrimp data and insight.

Navigating the shrimp industry

Kontali Edge is a uniquely curated tool that provides stakeholders in the shrimp market with the essential data required to thrive in a competitive market. Gain access to our online platform and explore market data, such as sales and production volumes.

Our platform also includes an up-to-date farm gate price portal and scopes from various producing countries around the world. In essence, Edge is the singular tool you need for informed decisions in the shrimp industry.

One platform. Millions of data points.

Kontali Edge is your shortcut to the industry's complete overview. Discover insights exclusive to Kontali, saving you time and effort in data collection and analysis. Our data is distinct, stemming from our carefully curated models, trusted sources, and the expertise of our team. It's more than just accurate; it provides a depth of insight unparalleled elsewhere. Whether you're seasoned in the field or just starting out, Edge offers a clear view of the entire seafood landscape, saving you time and resources.

Unlock Deeper Insights

In most cases, industry data is limited to basic HS codes, which only tell you if something is shrimp. With Edge, you get more. We provide insights into species, product types (like HOSO, HLSO, or Peeled), and additional details. Our expertise and advanced modeling ensure you have a deeper understanding for better decision-making.

Seamless data integration with the Kontali API

Kontali's API is a standout feature, enabling seamless data integration into your custom Business Intelligence models and dashboards.

Compatible with tools like Power BI and Tableau, it allows you to select the most relevant data effortlessly, gaining a competitive edge that's second to none.

Stay informed with the latest shrimp updates

Stay ahead of the curve with our Analysis feature. It delivers the latest insights, updates, research, and breakthroughs in the shrimp industry, curated by some of the world's leading analysts.

Kontali gives you the latest information, helping you to make smart business decisions. Whether it's market trends and changes, Kontali has you covered with a complete, up-to-date resource.

Access worldwide farm gate prices

Shrimp prices are influenced by factors such as supply-demand dynamics, global trading conditions, and environmental changes. Edge by Kontali provides valuable access to farm gate prices from around the world.

Track price shifts and adjust your pricing strategy to remain profitable. Through our platform, you can access up-to-date prices.

Subscription plans tailored to your needs

We recognize the diverse needs of our users. Our subscription plans are thoughtfully curated to cater to these diverse needs. From start-up aquaculturists to established industry leaders, every user finds a tailored path to success.

Get started with Kontali Edge today

We are your reliable partner in leveraging the power of data for better decision-making. Begin your journey towards making better informed decisions in the shrimp sector by signing up for a free trial.

The future of data-driven decision-making in the shrimp industry begins here – gain access to Edge Shrimp today.

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